I love books. The one that I keep going back to (sometimes Kindle, sometimes dog-earned hardcover) is "Principals" by Ray Dalio. 

Dalio talks about "radical transparency" as a liberating culture for companies. He doesn't mean an anarchy of manners. But failure to see things as they really are instead of how we think they are can hold back even the best employees or partners. 

In other words, openness feeds growth. Silence impedes progress.

What really hit me yesterday, though, was Dalio's words about what nature can teach us. 

"Everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the entire galaxy is evolving," he reminds us. "While everything apparently dies or disappears in time, the truth is that it all just reconfigured in evolving forms. Remember that energy can't be destroyed--it can only be reconfigured."

We've seen the rise and fall of US industries, companies and, yes, even humans.

But it's never really over. 

Reinvention and rebirth find their roots in the laws of nature and an energy that never dies.