Time is an asset

I have a Monday morning rule with a client’s small working group: Zero hourlong meetings. We keep things simple — 30 minutes or less. 

Sound crazy? Not when you stay on point. We’ve even been known to brainstorm.

But first we commit to our deliverables (and each other). Missing dates means we’ll talk about some items again next week or again until a deliverable is, well, delivered. 

Perfection is the enemy of completed. And while we’re not purely looking to finish a list for the sake of speed, we don’t want it to expand beyond what’s reasonable. 

Creativity, imagination and the work of problem-solving are hallmarks of innovative companies. How we get to results is half the fun.

In my 20+ years of marketing work, I’ve never heard anyone excitedly describe how many meetings they attend or emails they receive. 

Results count. Spending time is not the job. Knowing and investing the right kind of time is.