While delivering newspapers in high school, he dreamed of fast cars and writing deadline sports stories.


After developing a news habit in his youth, Jeff Bean first realized his professional ambition as a news stringer for the Associated Press wire service while at SDSU to earn a journalism degree.

Soon after college, a full-time gig with a daily newspaper allowed him to report extensively on government, education and the criminal justice system.

Time both on the beat and in the field introduced him to the beauty of unexpected discovery and amazing people. He turned those experiences into stories that earned a dozen awards from press organizations including the Society of Professional Journalists and the Orange County (CA) Press Club, which saw members go on to win Pulitzer Prizes, lead international news bureaus and write New York Times bestsellers.


It was an AOL chat room fantasy football league draft with journalism colleagues in 1995 (plus his own news consumption habits, due to web technology) that led him to public relations -- first in government, then healthcare, before responding in 2000 to the siren call of technology startups, marketing builds and turnarounds.

Today he provides consulting and marketing services for healthcare and technology clients.


On larger projects, Jeff works with select US West Coast-based partners who specialize in design, web, and multimedia production.

Jeff brings a unique knowledge of evolving healthcare economics and consumer digital behavior in the management and understanding of medical options and surgical procedures. He relies on research, data and insights to guide all marketing efforts.

And he still believes in the power of story.

Not relying solely on his marketing intellect, Jeff formulates a message based on facts. Evidence. His depth of knowledge because of that is frighteningly deep. He’s a master tactician who serves undercover as an elegant strategist.
— Gary W. Druckenmiller, Jr., VP Customer Success, Evariant

  • Marketing research, strategy and data analysis.
  • Go-to-market execution, lead generation and tracking.
  • Brand management, including identity and messaging. 
  • Co-branding development and execution.
  • Copywriting and editing.
  • Public relations: messaging platforms and marketing integration.Trade show / events research, planning and project management.
  • Media relations: story development and pitching.
  • Reputation management: crisis communications. 
  • Case studies and customer testimonials.
  • Trade show / events research, planning and project management.
  • Social media strategy and content.
  • Website development, optimization and CRM integration.